Can Outsourcing Spur Cognitive Dissonance?

Small business owners know that manifesting their ideas provides exciting opportunities. Imaginations can run wild with inventory options and staffing capabilities. However, it’s important to reign in the dream in order to conduct some careful planning that will ensure the longevity of your enterprise. Outsourcing is an emerging practice that has reaped success for many businesses, as it boasts tremendous savings incentives. Even still, there are a few things to be conscious of should you decide to outsource:

Price of Product

Firstly, if you choose to have products shipped from overseas, cost evaluation across multiple channels is imperative. There are several credible online retailers, including and, yet the prices for specific goods will vary when factoring shipping and quantity requirements. A product may initially appear more inexpensive from overseas, but the cost of freight and Customs taxes will send you way over budget.

Employee Execution

Depending on your industry, it may be common practice to hire laborers from more populous countries. Web development, virtual assistance, and customer service companies generally seek overseas employees in order to cut back on costly labor expenses. While short-term savings are hard to resist, offshore labor eliminates, or reduces the effectiveness of managerial direction, as well as quality control. Furthermore, distance and language barriers may prolong the amount of time required to complete tasks.

Recognition and Responsibility

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility; almost to the same degree as price awareness. As a small business owner, it is worth being mindful of the ethics in place within factories overseas. Savings on products and labor usually translates to poor working conditions and unfair wage distribution. Corporate Social Responsibility may not be a priority tactic for generating income, but surely your business will be more fulfilling if your practices align with your personal moral code.

All things considered, outsourcing can either make or break your small business. Perhaps a crafty approach will be to combine outsourced goods and services with those found locally. This method will enable you to experiment with whichever resource wells have the most beneficial impact on your bottom line. It’s your business and bank account, but equally as vital is to ensure your techniques honor your design and dream.


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