Synapses & Society.

If we liken the brain to a uniquely encased society, neurons would represent the citizens, while synapses stand for the communication between neurons. This electric channel of communication, almost like a telephonic network, exercises brain function.

Synapses conjure up our fondest and fiercest memories. We relive sensations via synapse, like the smell of warm pie, or the delicacy of a rose petal. The pie nor petal need not be present because the synapse allows us to transcend space and time. Forget Quantum Physics; each of us is already bestowed a personalized time machine.

Brains aren’t so easy to control with faulty wiring, however, as is the case with mental illness. The slightest synaptic surge can lead to overindulgence, rage and mania, whereas a weak current triggers lack of motivation, sadness and general loss. It’s a civil war between neurons, as we strive to find the perfect amount of power to keep our thoughts in service.


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