The Fringe.

What happens when our bodies are invaded by foreign entities like viruses? In most cases, our fighter cells mobilize to eviscerate the attacker. Cells with “ulterior motives” are immediately recognized upon their encroach, and thanks to our immunity, they are not handled with mercy.

Most of us can intuitively see when others try to harm us. We filter through junk mail, avoid dark alleys, and protest terrorism. But sometimes, that mail isn’t junk. Maybe the friend you’re visiting lives along that alley. It’s possible the accused isn’t a terrorist at all.

People are beautifully complex, but that doesn’t make us impervious to mistakes. Why do some of us identify the peanut as an allergen? Objectively, it’s simply a nutritiously dense legume. Is it fair to extricate the poor little peanut from society altogether because of a misjudgment?

This brings me to the topic of social exclusion. Yes, some people should not be granted access to our resources if their purpose is to violate our peace. However, those who have no intention of infringing upon our harmony have no right to be excluded; banned to the fringes because of misconceptions.

Sure, these people may threaten our personal sense of worth in that they’re more intelligent, more attractive, and generally more evolutionarily desirable. But through inclusion, these people can have a hugely positive impact on the whole. They’re probiotic.


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