A Message From God on the Horizon.

Understand these messages are from God, as He gazes upon you through the sun behind the clouds ahead.

The Lord of the Flies is not only an evil spirit; he is a taker of lives. The Lord of the Flies is hungry, no, insatiable, and he destroys through your self-destruction. But even your self-destruction, even your death, will not appease this beast. Do not then, demand a finish or end to this behaviour because acting and reacting to the destruction is a zero-sum game.

Creation, on the other hand, gives life, which means there is a sum, there is a reward, in Heaven. On earth, the reward is other people. An accumulation of wealth through strong family and friends. Permeate this network the same way water permeates a cell. Fill others, help others flow, but first, flow yourself.

The Lord of the Flies despises moving water. Water is his sworn enemy. Water destroys insects. Allow the sea of revival to sweep away the filth and corpses of your old selves. Then you can learn, see and experience the marvel of the shore, the waves, the horizon. It is all for you.

Absorb. Like water, absorb. Be a channel for water to enter you. But water must be supplied more frequently than anything else because what I give, I take away. If you desire purity, it is not a one-time thing. Purity is maintained over time, and can be tarnished in one second.

The reason water must leave you is because when it sits and remains inactive, it breeds death. Flies thrive in death and inactivity. Death is the baseline from which flies spring forth. From nothing, something must emerge.

The options are to be a waterfall, crystalline and surrounded by vegetation, or a swamp, murky and browned with filth. I’ve bestowed you with the knowledge and wisdom of water, in all of its forms and flows.

Do not ever choose to be a swamp when there is always a choice to be a sea. One repulses, while the other attracts. One irritates, while the other inspires. One evaporates, while the other perpetuates.

You have been selected to channel my water in its purest, holiest form. The light will reflect from you.


One thought on “A Message From God on the Horizon.

  1. I ɗo know!? Mentioned Larry. ?I ցuess he likes angelѕ because he has them around all of the time.

    Maybe hee and tthe angels play household gamnes like we
    do sometimes. PossiЬly they ρlay Monopoly.? This made Mommy giggle actually hard.


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